Hello Again!

My name is Amelia, I'm a UX/UI Designer that combines an analytical mindset with human-centered design principles to utilize UX as a vehicle for invention. I bridge knowledge and innovation to empower those who would most benefit from them.

Fun Facts

Published space Things

I contributed to published research for a shell structure made of ionized hydrogen around a lenticular galaxy in the Centaurus A constellation. Though UX is my career path, I continue to enjoy learning about the mysteries of our universe!

VisDev Admirer

Storytelling through children's illustration and animation captivates me. Whether immersing us into a new world, or creating emotional experiences, this art form carries so much imaginative freedom.

Foliage watcher

Every autumn I keep track of foliage reports and travel through the Northeast to view the changing leaves, go hiking while trying not to break my camera, and buy way too much apple cider. What can I say? I love New York.

Absolute foster fail

 I'm an animal person of all shapes, sizes and species. While volunteering to care for post-op pets, I was sent home with very young kittens and that was that! This brood are the gentlest troublemakers and bring so much happiness!

DIY Tinkerer

From flipping houses to building computers, I like to understand how things work and then build working things! My future crafting goals include an eco-friendly skoolie, a miniature Dickensonian village, and an orrery, among many, many more.

Up for a Challenge

Whether it's solving a daily math problem, cooking a new dish, or traveling to a new place - I enjoy new puzzles, new challenges, and look for inspiration and knowledge. For me, it is UX/UI design that embodies this spirit the most!

Looking for More??

I'm happy to share! Interesting paths are rarely straight and I love connecting with people about their particular journeys, so here's a bit of mine:

I started out with big questions about the universe and so I figured studying religion and physics was the way! But big questions gave way to observations about the world around us and I started thinking about where I could best contribute my skills, so I moved towards environmental studies.

Working in academia and comparing its pace of growth to that of consumer technology made me realize that instead of moving from research to policy to people, there could be ways to utilize existing data for the good of the planet fueled by public interest, generating impact as a barometer of willful engagement rather than a result of mandates. But how can I do this? What do I need to learn about people?

Enter user experience design! For me, UX balances research, creative problem solving, people, impact, project work, and a bit of independence to continuously learn across an array of subjects. There's something to be gained in every experience that can be used in another. So, as I continue to (and will forever) grow my skills towards solving problems seen through multiple lenses, I'm soaking up as much as I can along the way.

That's the gist of it!  :)

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